We keep the best company

Armit Wines

“Having worked with LCB for a number of years now we have come to rely on their professionalism, efficiency and all-round can-do attitude that enables our business to deliver the service levels that both our Trade and Private Customers expect. We look forward to working with them in the future and continuing to grow our partnership across all of our distribution channels.”
Karen Ellis – Director of Finance and Operations

Australian Wine Agencies (AWA)

“I would really like you to express our thanks to all the LCB staff who have been so helpful to us this year.”
Jackie Smith – Director


“We have high expectations and demand a lot from our logistics partners at LCB. Always flexible and understanding that the customer has to come first, they consistently provide a fantastic service for us and are an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Tom Beldham – Operations Manager

C&D Wines

“LCB have done a wonderful job this year. We are very pleased and grateful to you all.”
Felix Benito – Director


“Again we find ourselves in the very pleasant position of saying that you have excelled in your service to us this year.”
Guy Butterwick, Director

East Street Wine Co.

“As a small company, in what has turned out to be very difficult times for the wine trade, it would be impossible to overstate the added value the team at LCB continually give to our business. Whatever else is happening around to knock our plans off course, it is always reassuring to know that LCB will provide world class service to our customers on our behalf, regardless of what we throw at you! We decided from the outset that we will only work with customers and suppliers who share our values – and LCB could not be a better fit!”
Peter Smith – Director


“LCB’s dedicated team has been delivering an excellent service on behalf of Fells and to its customers for many years.
2018 witnessed a significant increase in business, with the high standards we have come to enjoy – being maintained.
I would recommend them to any potential customer.”
Nick Gurney – Director


“LCB have been an outstanding service partner, particularly excelling in maintaining full operations throughout the COVID-19 crisis. In financing inventories for our clients, we need to seamlessly integrate into their supply chains and provide stock on a just-in-time basis. LCB have not only had the flexibility to accommodate our agile business model, but have delivered flawlessly every time.”
Mitch Fowler – Director

Fortnum And Mason

“Having worked with LCB before, I know that the company provides the storage and delivery options that we require, and we are more than happy to recommend them to our private customers for their reserves.”
James Waugh – Fine Wine Sales Manager

Hallgarten & Novum Wines

“In supplying the UK’s leading restaurant and hotels, at Hallgarten, we need a logistics partner we can rely on to meet our customers’ needs. In working with LCB, we have found a partner who meets these challenges, time and again demonstrating the flexibility to deal with the unexpected.”
Andrew Bewes – Managing Director

Hatch Mansfield Agencies

“Hatch Mansfield will be 25 years old this year and LCB has been with us from the start. We value the role you have played in our success, and thank everyone at LCB who has been a part of the story so far…”
Adam Hodgson – Director of Supply Chain & Customer Service

Jeroboams Group

“We have partnered with LCB for almost 10 years, using them for the storage and distribution of our wide and varied range of wines. We have built a very strong working relationship together based upon an understanding of each other’s needs, and this allows us to ensure, with confidence, that our customers enjoy the high levels of service that we promote.”
Hugh Sturges – CEO – Jeroboams Group

Laurent Perrier

“As the creator of one of the world’s most esteemed champagne brands we need a logistics provider that can match the quality of our products. LCB does just that with its can-do approach to dealing with the exceptions that all logistics operations have to face on a daily basis.”
David Hesketh – Managing Director

Les Caves De Pyrene

“LCB provides Les Caves with a fantastic all-round service, encompassing both warehousing and deliveries. LCB’s staff are consistently reliable and especially helpful when it comes to resolving problems efficiently. We can – and frequently do – recommend LCB without hesitation to any of our customers.”
Will Johnston – Business Support Manager

Louis Latour Agencies

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for an excellent service from LCB this year. I am sure that customers are normally quick to complain, but they don’t congratulate you enough. Your deliveries are accurate and extremely punctual even during peak, which makes our jobs much easier. My driver called Marius, who delivers to my home in West Sussex, is courteous, efficient and always on time. He reminds me of the Wine Society drivers who become familiar with their customers’ idiosyncrasies and are always charming.”
Will Oatley – Managing Director

“Changing our logistics and warehouse partner was a big decision, and having now worked closely with the team at LCB for a couple of months we can easily say it’s one of the best business decisions we have made. We’ve been delighted with the professionalism of the entire team, the efficiency of the business at all levels, and the forward-thinking nature of upper management. The flexibility shown by the warehouse team meant that we were able to complete our move seamlessly and without a single day of downtime, a true testament to their know-how. We are more confident than ever that we have the right logistics and warehouse partner to handle the growth we are forecasting for the coming years. ”
Nicolas Rizzi


“I’ve bonded with LCB for many years with various companies, and the quality and speed of service they provide us at OenoGroup is better than ever and always improving. We relish our partnership as we grow in scale and demand and appreciate their responsiveness to our increasing needs.”
Justin Knock MW, Director of Wine at OenoGroup

The Vintner

“We are delighted to be working with LCB as our warehousing and logistics partner. With business growing at such a pace, we were really looking for a company to provide us with the necessary flexibility to meet our customers’ needs. LCB’s high level of customer service is also very much in line with our own.”
Julia Beran – Managing Director


“The wine trade is built on trust and for the last 25 years, LCB has been a vital partner of Uncorked, helping us provide a dependable service for our customers. Whether it is the confidence that deliveries will be made securely and on time or providing industry-leading, long-term storage for their fine wine collections, LCB provides the logistics and facilities to help us establish and maintain long-standing relationships with our clients.”
Edward Eastwood – Systems Manager & Italy buyer

Whisky Exchange

“There are very few companies who have a stockholding such as we do. Security is always a concern in our industry but LCB gives us complete confidence in this area, from higher management to picker and packers in the warehouse. An order placed before 1pm can be delivered in the London area the next day, which is pretty impressive and shows LCB understands our business.”
Rajbir Singh – Director


“Having worked with LCB previously and been impressed with the level of personal service offered, I had no hesitation in transferring my stock to LCB.”
Gianluca Antonini – UK Operations